We’re plugging away at our September goal of $10,000! And just as a reminder of who it is we do this for, take a look at these short videos.

Whether our partners give glasses to students, entrepreneurs, drivers, or teachers, the overall goal is the same for each person our eyeglasses help – improved Quality of Life.

You probably don’t have to imagine what it’s like to live with blurry vision, or if you have lived with it, it was probably for a short period of time before you either, found your glasses or visited your doctor for a new script. 

The world’s economy loses trillions of dollars a year due to the epidemic of poor vision – the world’s largest unmet disability. We’re on a mission to fix that. Our desire was not borne out of economic improvement, but the ends will be the same! We’ll help the world see clearly with every pair of eyeglasses we distribute through our partners. 

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