Is it your job? Your hobby? A passion you found serendipitously?

I’m often curious about the world around us and the stories we humans create. This might be why I love reading obituaries.

Everyone has a story. Every last one of us.

In our culture, many of our stories are defined by our careers because we spend so much time at them. But our job isn’t everything even if it’s a calling.

Obituaries, if written well, really give us insight into who people were, not just what they did. They curate the art of one’s soul. What made that person tick… their true being.

I believe people tick because something comes alive inside us. That passion we find in a simple task, or a huge undertaking. The goodness we live while seeing our lives make a difference, to one, to many.

There truly is so much goodness in the world around us – and it isn’t always easy to see – but today, in a new month of a new year, teeming with possibilities, I ask you to think of all the kindness you bring to this world, and the goodness others bring into your life.

Today, we celebrate that. The millions of people on the planet that give, share, support, and love.

People helping people. People cleaning the planet. People helping animals. People researching cures for diseases. People doing good. All over!

The people who go into service through work – humanitarian workers, firefighters, EMTs, military service members, teachers, doctors, public defenders, nurses…the list goes on and on.

Volunteers at your local homeless shelter, or library. People rescuing animals and finding them good homes. People serving up meals in soup kitchens, or chip-in labor to landscape a local park. All good. All a type of teamwork. And there are millions of us doing it.

Kevin and boy

You, me, the people we love, strangers…

Even if we don’t work in a service-oriented job of sorts, we serve others at other times. We give. We share. We help. Maybe it is part of the human condition. The teamwork that brings us together and feeds our souls.

We feel a part of something that is important and beyond ourselves.

So, here’s to 2019. All its potential. All of its goodness.



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