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Building sustainable programs is a primary objective here at Global Vision 2020. We are consistently working to scale-up – in size, capacity and longevity – the smaller projects implemented over the years, as well as develop new, large scale national programs.

The $1,000,000 WeWork Creator Award https://creatorawards.wework.com that J. Kevin White – our Executive Director – won in January has enabled Global Vision to broaden its horizons, and start building a comprehensive outreach model. The award also provided funding for USee production. We are forever grateful for the recognition WeWork gave to Kevin and his invention. It has been a game changer….as the cliche goes.

With the seed money provided by the award, our team is determined to build sustainable programs throughout the globe with national level departments and ministries, while continuing the current successful smaller projects within rural villages and communities, supported by NGOs with first hand knowledge of what is needed in the field.

These two facets of development allow us to target a broad range of partners. And as a member of the Eyelliance, http://www.eyelliance.org developing a model of partnership that is rooted in collaboration is quite possible. We look forward to providing access to the 2.5 Billion people in need of (near or distance) eyeglasses with the #dialsnapwear system the USee allows for – just like the one pictured above receiving an eye exam and eyeglasses from Fundacion Paraguay’s Poverty Stoplight team.

It’s partnerships, both large and small, that make this possible. Thanks for your support!

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