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It is our pleasure to introduce Cappy Carroll, the Global Vision Volunteer of the Quarter. (Pictured here on the right)

Let’s back up for a minute….

In the summer of 2017, as Global Vision began receiving more orders for USee Vision Kits we needed to find more space for the storage and assembly of the Vision Kits.

Easton, MD offered a large facility, locally known as “the old Black and Decker building”. It’s officially known today as the Talbot County Business Center and it hosts several different organizations. Once we moved into the space, we were able to offer volunteer opportunities to the many friends and supporters that had been looking for ways to help.

Enter Cappy.

His father Rob, pictured below (seated in the middle) told Cappy about the opportunity to help and he jumped on the chance. You can see him in this photo below moving a lens box to the appropriate station.

That was last summer.

This is now…..

Since then we’ve set up an efficient lens sorting system that Cappy (in the red t-shirt at the back table) can essentially operate on his own. As a regular he is able to set up the stations and instruct new members.

But learning all that took time….time Cappy was happy to provide – 45 hours of service learning hours in fact.

From moving boxes to the correct stations, to becoming the fastest and most accurate lens bag opener, to a station manager, Cappy has reveled in the challenge, while enjoying the company of other Global Vision volunteers.

When asked why he continues to do it Cappy said, “It’s fun and I like it. And it’s great to know you are helping someone.”

Well Cappy, you are most definitely helping. In fact, since our time in the warehouse you have been a pivotal part of the team. And you should know you and that team sorted, bagged, labeled and shipped over 15,000 glasses to 14 nations.

We are happy to name you the Volunteer of the Quarter! Much thanks!

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