It’s November 20th and Thanksgiving is upon us. It happens to be my favorite holiday and I’ll be taking tomorrow off instead of Friday so that I can shop for all things wonderful. I simply love to cook and need to make cornbread and apple pie on Wednesday, along with green bean casserole from scratch. We are sharing the day with wonderful friends who will be spatchcocking the bird and bringing other great sides. My excitement is palpable.

But even beyond the bounty of comfort food there is something cozy about the day in and of itself. So many of us have the Macy’s Day Parade on while cooking and then continue with watching football. Or for those of us more inclined to get out and about, we may play a game of touch football. Whatever your tradition, or if you are making new ones, spending time with friends and loved ones is a true blessing.

Thanksgiving is a reminder to us to feel thankful for the life we lead, knowing with all the stress, hurdles, disappointments, and day to day mundane each and every one of us goes through, that—even then—there is something to be thankful for. We are loved. And at a basic level, our essentials are met. We are clothed, sheltered, and fed.

Life’s blessings are our daily bounty just like the turkey and stuffing are on Thanksgiving Day.

That is why it’s important to keep perspective. To understand not everyone in this world has your blessings. And to find out how we can help. For you—since you’re already reading this—it’s as simple as clicking the link below to make your #givingtuesday donation.

USee on Hay

But there are millions of people that simply don’t know what we are up to, and how we are ending an epidemic—but we need their help as well as yours. So, please, share our mission with your friends and family via our website, Twitter feed, Facebook page, and Instagram account. Encourage them to sign up for our monthly email newsletter. The more people we have supporting our goal, the more eyeglasses we provide.

In remembering your blessings, imagine your life without clear sight. If you couldn’t see to drive, read, work, learn, cook, watch TV, or care for family and friends you would be living an altogether different life.

You can help the world see clearly for as little as $5 per month. I think that’s less than a Grande latte….


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