Easton, MD folks . . . or anyone on the Eastern Shore this weekend, come visit us at the Easton Farmer’s Market. We’ll be hosting a ‘mock’ vision screening for people to try the USee™ and see how it’s used to determine their basic prescription and get outfitted with a pair of eyeglasses. We’ll have some merch to buy too . . . pins, stickers, tees, etc.. 

We’ll also be selling readers. That’s right. The ubiquitous item that is sold nearly everywhere will be on hand for purchase this Saturday – so when you head to the market to buy your local honey and artisan cheeses, head to our booth and pick up a pair of sporty readers. Why? Because when you buy a pair of readers from Global Vision 2020 for $10, proceeds go to the delivery of eyeglasses to someone living in a low resource nation without access to basic vision care.

You may not even need readers yet – I’m on the cusp, myself. But you could buy a pair for a friend, parent, grandparent, teacher. Anyone. Either way, it’s a good deal. I was just at a local store and was surprised to see the prices of readers. 

I think this sticker shock comes from my introduction to readers by my mother – she had several pairs. Fifteen or twenty on any given day – tucked everywhere – so she would never be without, but she was always getting a new pair because she couldn’t find them. It was a circuitous loop. 

This didn’t seem unreasonable to me though. They were cheap – $2 or $3 and the large quantity of them meant you could (theoretically) find a pair wherever you needed one: the car, the bedroom, kitchen, home office.  

They are a bit pricier now (I saw them at a local popular box store for $15-$20) but certainly necessary for many of us, and this Saturday, August 24th from 8 am-1 pm you can swing by and get a new pair in a nifty global vision microfiber bag, and know you are giving sight to someone else – you simply can’t get that at your local drug store! 

See you there!

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