What Is a Program Partner?

A Global Vision 2020 Program Partner uses the USee Vision Kit™ to administer eye screening programs and provide prescription eyeglasses in the developing world. It can all done within minutes. Our solution offers a cost-effective and scalable eye care solution to organizations and teams of various sizes. When you partner with Global Vision 2020, you are not only on a mission to end the global vision epidemic; you are providing eyeglasses to real people who receive a real and continued benefit from your efforts.

How Does a Program Work?

Whether you are a faith-based organization, NGO, government entity, or hospital, the finer points of the partnership are remarkably similar.

You plan a pilot outreach and purchase a USee Vision Kit™. We train you and your team on how to use our lightweight solution, and off you go. It’s that simple.


Decide where you want to go with the USee Vision Kit System™. If you are a large NGO or faith-based organization with locations throughout the globe, you could pilot the USee Vision Kit System™ at any of them; if you are a smaller organization taking one trip to a remote location, we can help you do that too!


Once you plan your pilot distribution, you’ll be ready to purchase the USee Vision Kit™. That purchase may be done over the phone, via our website, or by email. Included in the purchase is an End User License Agreement, this simply confirms that your organization will use the USee Vision Kit™ as intended—to bring vision to people living at the Base of the Pyramid in low resource nations.


We’ll train you! In-person training takes approximately 3 hours and is the best possible training as you’ll get to use the USee™ in the class. With such a small staff, GV2020 can only supply in-person training at cost to the purchaser.

Because we know organizations with widely-dispersed resources make great partners, we are currently developing an online training portal. Until that is completed, we offer training via Skype (and other web-based video conferencing) in conjunction with a workbook/training manual. We’ve trained 30 partners through this approach with great success!


Off you go. Take the USee Vision Kit™ to your destination, set up your screening clinic and distribute up to 500 prescription eyeglasses to people living without access to basic vision care!

A Greater Legacy

Global Vision 2020 provides a bolt-on solution for hospitals, ministries of health, ministries of education, faith-based organizations, and NGOs. When you partner with Global Vision 2020, you increase your impact by providing corrective eyeglasses and providing a gateway to safety, education, prosperity, and self-sufficiency.

The USee Vision Kit ™

The Global Vision 2020 USee Vision Kit ™ contains everything needed for Partners to perform a basic vision screening (refraction) and provide glasses. The standard kit contains the USee™ refraction/screening tool, 250 frames in 3 colors, 540 snap-in lenses in assorted powers, 300 ready-made reading glasses in various styles and colors of +1.5,+2.5, and +3.5 powers, distance charts (2), a near chart, a tape measure for measuring the proper distance from the eye chart, and a microfiber bag for each pair of glasses to serve as a cover and lens cloth. Please contact us for current pricing of the USee Vision Kit ™.

Here’s How to Begin

Please click the link below to be taken to our online store, or type gv2020.shop into your search engine. If you do not feel comfortable shopping online or have questions about the kits then Please complete the form below so we can help direct your inquiry to the right Global Vision 2020 representative. If you are not necessarily interested in purchasing a USee Vision Kit ™ but would like to discuss program opportunities more generally, please also complete the information below so that we can be in touch with you. Thank you.


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