Johns Hopkins Carey Business School

White received the award for the USee diagnostic tool and lens kit, a system he invented through his company Global Vision 2020. The USee system was designed to help provide prescription eyeglasses to people in lower-income countries. Read more


For those of us with clear eyesight it can be easy to take for granted, to forget that not everyone has access to corrective eyewear. Global Vision 2020 is a charity looking to improve people’s quality of life by developing a kit that allows anyone to deliver prescription eyeglasses. Read more

Clinical Trials

PLOS ONE evaluated the ease of use of the USee in adults and compared the refractive error correction achieved with USee to clinical manifest refraction. Read more

The American Academy of Optometry compared refractive error measurements from the USee device to those obtained by conventional refraction in adults. Read more

Vice Impact

In 2005, White, a now-retired Marine who served for 20 years, came up with the idea while stationed in Germany and running the humanitarian assistance programs for the Department of Defense in Africa and Eastern Europe. Read more

Mennonite Brethren Herald

How could a brief article in the National Geographic result in a Saskatchewan Mennonite Brethren pastor making a speech to a crowd in New York’s Madison Square Gardens? Read more

United Nations Web TV

The Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Youth Forum, provided a platform for youth to engage in a dialogue with Member States and to discuss the policy frameworks and promote innovative approaches and initiatives for advancing the youth development agenda. Watch the video

CBS This Morning Podcast

Global Vision 2020 founder and executive director Kevin White joins CBS News correspondent Reena Ninan to discuss his mission to provide prescription eyewear to those without access to proper eye care in underdeveloped nations. Listen now

USA Today

So, what will Kevin do with his $1 million? “It opens up so many possibilities. The first is that we can now move to mass manufacturing of the USee device. Instead of making 10s and 20s and 30s of kits at a time, we can make thousands of kits at a time. This is a complete game-changer.” Read more

Tidewater Times

“This is going to change the world.” That’s what Dr. David Friedman said about Global Vision 2020’s USee diagnostic tool. That statement carries some weight when you realize that Friedman is the director of the Dana Center for Preventative Ophthalmology, Wilmer Eye Institute Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore. Read more

The Star Democrat

Parts of the developing world are beginning to see things more clearly with help from an Easton man who is on a mission to bring affordable and beneficial eyeglasses to remote locations around the globe. Read more

The Easton-based nonprofit has attracted the attention of a range of partners who have helped bring to life White’s simple idea, the patented USee “dial-snap-wear” eyeglasses at every step on the 12-year journey. Read more


In 2005, while serving as a U.S. Marine with a Humanitarian Assistance Program in Africa and Eastern Europe, Kevin started a program that gave out about 40,000 pairs of glasses in the region. Read more

National Geographic

Kevin White saw the need to help impoverished people living in the developing world who have impaired vision obtain eyeglasses. His program provides affordable, transportable, easy-to-use vision correction kits designed to suit the needs of the 2.5 billion people for whom glasses are necessary yet inaccessible. Read more

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