Sounds like Will and Catherine had a busy day today! Here’s the latest update from Will:
“We had our most productive day thus far! We traveled along bumpy dirt roads until we found the Escola Secundária de Malhazine. Once there, we were able to quickly train 3 new technicians. They in turn were able to screen 73 kids and hand out 9 pair of glasses. Each pair of glasses had a tremendous positive impact in these children’s visual function.
Although it is humbling to see these kids excited about their better vision, it has been such an amazing and unforgettable experience to see the delight and eagerness of the technicians as they learn how to do a screening and prescribe cost-effective glasses to students in their own community. Whenever we start our training session, I can sense the hesitation and nervousness in the room as we hang up our vision charts. However, once they understand how easy it can be to help a child see better via the USee device and after a couple of mock practices, they are enthusiastic to start helping kids see well in order to improve their quality of life! They feel empowered by the fact they are the ones learning this system and are delighted to see the impact that their work is having in the local schools. We aim to train more and more technicians until they in turn can start training others in the community, such as the teachers and nurses within the schools.
On a side note, I had a blast teaching some of the kids about the difference between myopia (nearsightedness) and astigmatism. Slightly nerdy (don’t judge), but they looked amused and I hope they enjoyed my short ‘lecture.’ ”
Thanks Will. Keep the updates coming!!

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