MAY 29, 2017
Hi All! We have a small team in Mozambique for the next two weeks, and we get to live vicariously through them for the short while they are there.
Their goal is to:
1) Train local Eye Health Coordinators on how to train others to use the USee system
2) Help these Eye Health Coordinators train teachers at four Maputo City High Schools, and
3) Help those teachers deliver eyeglasses to all of the students that need, but until now, have had no access to eyeglasses.
They’ve been there for one day, and already accomplished goal number one.
Here’s an update from Will:
“The Global Vision 2020 team had an eventful day here in MZ!
We began the day at the National Ministry of Education, where we met with the Director of nutrition and health-Graziela Tembe. We had a great meeting where we were able to iron out the details of our plans to train local technicians working in government in order for them to in turn train local teachers to use the USee system. However, in order to do this, we needed our bags with the glasses from customs! We headed from the ministry with an official letter explaining the glasses were donated and should not be taxed. At first, they were still hesitant, but what helped is one of the representatives from the ministry had actually taught the chief of Maputo’s customs office in geography more than 30 years ago (a lesson to always treat your students with respect)! This was our miracle for today! We were then able to get our materials over to the local department of school health and nutrition where we trained roughly 15 technicians on how to use the USee system!”
Stay tuned for daily updates from our team (Will and Catherine)! They are fantastic people that I’m looking forward for you to get to know!

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