JUNE 9, 2017
Things are wrapping up in Mozambique. Will and Catherine have one more afternoon to enjoy the experience of delivering clearer vision! Yesterday was a new school, and today they finish-up back at the High School of Mozambique Hero’s (more on that later!). Here’s yesterday’s post from Will:
“We had another busy day at a new school. There were two highlights of the day for me. One was watching a timid gym teacher come forward to help when we needed screeners in order to get through all the students who needed testing. He was hesitant at first, which is understandable. Screening the students takes practice before you really get comfortable with the testing.
However, he pushed through the hesitation because he realized the importance of screening the students at his school. He understood that this was an opportunity to change the lives of his students. After screening a few students, he got the hang of the test and helped many of his students get a vision screening.
The second highlight, was watching the tangible joy in a teacher’s face when he put on his new reading glasses. He could not help but quickly pullout a newspaper from his bag to glance at it with his improved vision. He was so ecstatic that he called his peers to share in the joy that he was feeling!
For us in the U.S, we can grab an affordable pair of reading glasses at any CVS, Target, or Walmart; however, in some developing countries they are neither affordable nor accessible. Our hope is that this won’t be the case for long here in Maputo.”

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