Well the word is definitely out at the Local High Schools! Will and Catherine wrapped up the week at the last one on our list, and are looking forward to heading back next week to follow up with both the students and the new “refractionists”. Here’s today’s update from Will:
“We are happy to inform that the city level employees are feeling very comfortable training the school teachers and personnel who are eager to help. This has been our goal from the beginning. We want to empower entire communities in order to help kids see better. Today we were able to screen 111 kids and distribute 20 pairs of glasses!
Despite the immense positive impact of improving simple refractive error, there is still a great need for medical professionals and resources in this developing country. We have seen a handful of kids with more serious pathology who have never seen an ophthalmologist. Our training includes the ability to triage these issues and get the kids to the help they need. Also, we are constantly hearing of personal accounts of people having a prescription, but not being able to afford to make the actual glasses.
We are trying to lead a paradigm shift that will not only inspire local communities to care for their vision, but also inspires individuals to partner with us in order to give these communities the same level of care we take for granted in developed countries.”
Keep it coming Will! Oh, and we agree!!

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