JUNE 10, 2017
Today was Catherine’s and Will’s last full day of outreach. The lessons they have learned, the people they have helped, the contacts they have made are all huge leaps forward in implementing a scalable, sustainable program of vision delivery. Well done you two!
Here is Catherine’s daily diary entry:
“It has been remarkable to see the turnout at Secundaria Moçambicanos Herois. Today was exceptionally uplifting after encountering several small challenges earlier in the week.
Our trusty team of Ministry of Education (MOE) people: Nascimento, Leo, and Cartella hit the ground running and managed to keep both momentum and humor about them for the duration of the day despite the hectic atmosphere. Students poured in steadily from the moment we arrived until the end of day.
By the time we finished, I think we all were exhausted.
It will be quite strange to wake up on Monday morning without rushing off to a school, big bag of lenses and frames in tow. I’ve just gotten into the swing of things here and will be sad to temporarily wrap things up until the next trip.
Mozambique has treated us well with its piri piri and perfectly brewed ‘café’. The inexpensive seafood, live music and cheap Mozambican beer after the work week hasn’t been awful either. 😉
The MOE, students and teachers have all been so wonderful in making us feel welcome and working to assist us with setting up our operations. Without them I’m not sure we would have had a GV2020 trip! (See last Tuesday’s post: the Mozambican customs debacle).
It’s been incredible to learn about Maputo, explore the province, and meet so many wonderful new people. We look forward to returning in a few months time with some new and improved developments to GV2020’s Mozambique program and hope to continue bringing this joint vision of our’s and MOE’s into focus!”
Safe travels you two! See you soon.

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