Our System is Unique

Global Vision 2020 has developed an intuitive system that gives virtually any service provider network the tools to deliver prescription eyeglasses in the most remote parts of the world. Our system is designed to stand alone or easily integrate into current provider systems.

Our System is Simple

At the heart of the system is our unique tool—the USee. This revolutionary self-refraction device allows a person to dial in the correct prescription by moving a color-coded lens bar up or down as they look at our eye chart. If you’ve used a pair of binoculars, then you’re familiar with self-refraction. Once they dial in their correct prescription, they select a durable frame and the lenses that correspond to the code on the lens bar. The lenses are then snapped into place. The process takes only minutes. It’s as simple as dial, snap, wear. 

Our System Works

Trials of our system have been completed by Johns Hopkins University and the New England College of Optometry, with additional trials with children ages 7-12 underway in Vietnam. The USee has been instrumental in providing corrective eyeglasses in countries as varied as Cambodia, Mozambique, Namibia, Paraguay, and Togo. Through our distribution partners, we are providing clear sight now. Let’s do more together.

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