Global Vision 2020 is always looking toward the future. We dream of ending the world’s epidemic of poor vision and giving hope to people in the most remote areas on earth.

Though we continue to look forward to new opportunities and ways to reach more people who will benefit from the USee System™, we also want to take time to look back at how far we have come. The last few months have been humbling because organizations are noticing the elegant simplicity and power of the USee™ System. Below is a list of some of the highlights.



AidEx Award

AidEx is the leading platform for professionals in humanitarian aid and international development. Its fundamental aim is to engage the sector at every level and provide an annual forum for aid and development professionals to meet, source, supply, and learn. Read more.



IDEA Award

“What at first glance appears to be un-designed turns out to be perfectly designed and brings vision to hundreds of millions of poor people with no access to eyecare. Without requiring any instructions (or expensive eye-exam equipment), one can quickly determine the prescription, select the intuitively color-coded lenses to match and pop them into frames. Now that’s vision.” Adam Brodsley, Co-founder/Creative Director Volume Inc. Read more.



Voice of America Interview

Global Vision 2020’s executive director Kevin White was interviewed on Voice of America’s Nightline Africa. The interview is insightful and shows the thought behind Global Vision 2020’s mission. He had the opportunity to explain the motivation behind starting Global Vision 2020, how it is helping those with poor vision, and the benefits of having clear vision to a nation. Listen now.



Executive Director Kevin White was interviewed by The Living Church magazine on the history of Global Vision 2020 and his role in helping the “poorest of the poor.” Read more.


We always appreciate your support. Remember, As little as $5 per month makes it possible for us to supply 12 pairs of eyeglasses a year. If you sign up to donate that amount, you’ll be giving a dozen people sight each year.  And, please help spread the word about the good work that Global Vision 2020 is doing by sharing our stories. You never know how many people will be given sight because you cared.

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