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If you are in your 30s or 40s you might remember a back to school commercial that would play in August. I think it was Staples – wait, let me check…be right back. 

Yes, it was Staples. The internet can be so helpful. My memory didn’t fail me about the store, but it did fail me about the timing – I remembered the commercial as something I saw in childhood, but it was aired in 1996 – I was a college grad by then. 

I digress, enjoy this fun clip. 

It’s great, right? And for me it just harkened back to the Andy Williams Christmas albums I grew up with – the song really does get the heart of it and makes you smile. I mean, is mistletoeing even a word? And who is telling ghost stories during the holiday season? Friends coming to call? No! The unannounced visitor – who wants that? If someone came to call unannounced at my family’s house during the holiday season my mother’s head would have exploded. 

All that aside, the commercial is great and kids do have to go back to school. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles. Summer ends.

So, as we embark on the back to school journey (and some of you are already in the full swing of school), we can giggle about funny marketing (and there are some good commercials out there) but we should also wish all of the children – the world’s children – the best in their endeavors and help to build a world where they have the tools to succeed:

Good health
Safe surroundings
School Supplies 
Nurturing teachers 

Now, we’re a little biased, so we think the best school supply for children is clear vision, because if they can’t see the blackboard, or safely walk to and from school due to poor vision – a student’s year will not be optimal, and they certainly will not thrive in their education.

So, for back to school, we’d like to encourage you to make a student’s dreams come true by providing them with a pair of eyeglasses. Every $5 you donate will provide one pair of eyeglasses to students in countries all over the world, just like TloTlo in this video. Her world truly opened up after a 15-minute vision screening. The impact is immense.

Let’s do this.

#givesight #givehope 

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