Happy New Year! It’s that time of year again…the beginning. With beginnings usually come some great ideas, hopes or wishes. We all tend to enter a new year saying good bye (happily) to the not so great parts of the prior year, and (nostalgically) holding on to the parts that warmed our hearts.

And as we age, so much begins to blend. At least for me things do. There are less definite memories of things. It’s not as if we are losing our memory, but that the sheer number of things to remember begin to overwhelm us and the exactness of it all is diminished.

I like to think of it as a the sign of a life well lived. But either way, we tend to move through the years – both personally and professionally with goals either met or missed, plans followed or lost, choices made or forced upon us. Life builds our character, or certainly challenges it.

That’s why I think New Years offers us the idea of resolutions. All the blurbs written about resolutions are usually about how most of us come up short. I wonder if that’s an accurate look at who we are though? Maybe we only come up short on the smaller resolutions we can measure easily. The pounds lost, the hours spent at the gym…but with that quantitative approach maybe we miss out on the larger things we are accomplishing like slow but steady progress on a project at work, or a successful relationship with someone we love.

We, as a collective staff, certainly have goals for 2019 (250,000 eyeglasses distributed to those in need). It should be our biggest year yet!

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And we as individuals also have some smaller resolutions or goals. Kevin, for instance, would like to keep his desk clean. And I would like to write a children’s book. Concrete goals are good for our psyche I think. They allow us to check the box on tasks.

So, what’s your resolution?

I hope it’s fun, fulfilling and not too burdensome. Those never last I don’t think. And maybe pat yourself on the back for the qualitative things in your life that you are succeeding with…like loving someone.

The possibilities feel endless at the beginning of the year. Remember to take the time to be thankful for what it is you have in your life. Cherish the memories you have with them and relish in the idea of making more.

Happy New Year from all of us at Global Vision 2020! Be Safe!

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