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After an extended stay at the Rio De Janeiro Galeao airport due to inclement weather and a paperwork issue, our intrepid, and always affable executive director, Kevin White, made his way to Cerrito 2018. This conference, hosted by Fundacion Paraguaya http://www.fundacionparaguaya.org.py/?lang=en, brought together approximately 200 global experts from academia, government, business, and organizations working to develop tangible and scalable solutions to end global poverty.

With a good night’s rest behind him, Kevin was honored to participate in the Technology for Poverty Elimination panel; and Global Vision was a hit.

The USee vision kit was demonstrated, and the following day, Kevin trained three Poverty Stoplight (a partner of Fundacion Paraguaya) https://www.povertystoplight.org employees in the simple vision screening process. They used the training as a small pilot program within the village and provided a dozen or so glasses to the participating patients.

This, of course, is fantastic news on its own. And for those of you that have supported us for years, you have seen us operate outreaches in many locations throughout the globe – in areas and facilities just like those pictured here. What makes this a bit more exciting is that it took place within a conference addressing a holistic approach to poverty. Conventional wisdom is being challenged; and health care access is becoming a very real part of the global poverty discussion.

This can be seen in the Sustainable Development Goals, and more recently, in the New York Times and Guardian articles addressing vision as a global health epidemic. More on those some other time.

We are just excited the Usee was a big hit, that Global Vision had a successful showing in an international conference and created great contacts for future partnerships, and that Kevin is home – safe and sound – just in time to present at the Mzuzah Conference hosted by Johns Hopkins this week.

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