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Global Vision 2020 was set up to overcome the lack of eyeglasses distribution in the developing world (mostly Africa, South America, and parts of Asia). Use of this kit in the United States (and other developed nations) is extremely difficult – more on that in a moment.

We are overwhelmed by the positive response we have received online, and since we are a very small team, unfortunately, we can’t respond to individual emails. We hope that your questions are answered in the below FAQs. If not, please send us your additional questions.

Can an individual purchase these glasses (a single, or a couple pair) in the United States for personal use?

The State regulatory requirements to deliver eyeglasses in the US prohibits us from selling our product directly to people that want to use them as eyeglasses.


I work for an organization that delivers healthcare and support to poor communities/homeless people. Can we purchase a kit to aide in the delivery of eyeglasses?

This is possible, but not automatic. In order to dispense eyeglasses in the United States (or Canada – and probably most other developed nations), the prescription must be approved by an optometrist or an ophthalmologist (for ease of use, “an eye doctor). If your organization can get an eye doctor to participate in your outreach, it is possible to use our kits to help provide eyeglasses.


How much does a kit cost?

The kits come in two sizes – mini-kit and full-kit. The mini-kit is for groups that want to see the system prior to committing to the full-kit.

The mini-kit allows you to try it out, brief your board, conduct training on the system, and get approval of your team prior to the distribution event. It contains one USee screening device, one distance eyechart, 50 lenses (one of each prescription for each eye) one tape measure, and three frames. The mini-kit costs $323 (+ shipping).

The full-kit contains everything a team needs to dispense 550 pairs of eyeglasses. It contains the screening kit, distance kit (250 distance glasses and lenses), and the reading kit (300 reading glasses in various powers). The full kit costs $2,541 (+ shipping) (that comes to $4.62 per pair).

We also sell each of the individual components (screener/distance/readers/etc.) for organizations that need to mix-and-match based on their requirements.


Do you have kids’ frames/sunglasses?

We do offer kids frames, with the appropriate lenses, and sunglasses. Minimum orders for these products are 250 kids frames (various colors) with 540 individual packaged lenses, and 300 pairs (various frame styles) for the sunglasses.


How do I purchase a kit?

If you are interested in purchasing a Mini-Kit, or one of the larger kits, please email your request to: purchase@gv2020.org. We will get back to you with shipping and payment details.


Please include the following information required to process your order:



Shipping Address and Phone Number

The following statement in your email:

“I certify that I am purchasing the USee Vision kit for a distribution outside the United States, to conduct an evaluation of the product for use in a distribution outside the United States, or for use in science lessons on optics and the human eye. This kit will not be used to screen or dispense eyeglasses for solving refractive error in the United States unless under the supervision of a licensed eye doctor, or any other location where it would be prohibited by local law.”

Thank you again for your interest in our vision solution.

The GV2020 Team

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