There is something invigorating about the cool, crisp fall weather. Do you know what else is invigorating? The amount of press we’re getting in recent weeks. But we think it’s well deserved if we do say so ourselves!

And Wednesday morning, you’ll have the chance—if you live in MD—to see Kevin on WBFF out of Baltimore, introducing the city to our organization and its star, the USee™.

The USee™ is a game-changer. We know it’s a game-changer. Anybody who sees it and tries it on knows it’s a game-changer. We just need more people to know this. To understand the simplicity behind a tool that can give sight—very easily—to billions of people worldwide.

So, help us spread the word. Share our newsletter, share our website link, encourage people to follow along with our stories, and ask others to become a sustaining donor, like you, and give a monthly donation.

As little as $5 per month makes it possible for us to supply 12 pairs of eyeglasses a year. If you sign up to donate that amount you’ll be giving a dozen people sight each year.

All you have to do is give up one fancy coffee a month for someone else to gain clear sight. Their newfound sight will make it possible for them to read, learn, work, and drive safely—among other things.

Just think what your life would be like without clear sight and then help those that don’t have access to the basic vision care you and I are so lucky to have.

#dialsnapwear #givesight #givehope

(And don’t worry, we’ll post a link to the interview once it’s available for those of you that can’t get the live feed.)

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