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The history of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is not something we need to do a deep dive into on this page, but this infographic https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/sdgs offers a very simple explanation on how world leaders, subject matter experts, and stakeholders are (and have been) collaborating to build strong communities and nations around the globe. It also highlights the three goals that Global Vision has a direct impact on: Goals 1 – no poverty, 3 – good health and wellbeing, and 4 – quality education.

The UN’s Division of Sustainable Development Goals is the primary department to support the intergovernmental process for SDGs, and it does this with policy development, capacity building, inter-agency coordination, stakeholder identification and participation, as well as knowledge management. You can learn about all of this in more depth by visiting their website at: https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/about – for our purposes, we just want to bring our current supporters and readers up to date on how our mission is in line with international goals.

Although it’s obvious Global Vision works hard to get eyeglasses into every nook and cranny on the globe, making Goal 3 an obvious fit, we have a much broader impact because eyeglasses provide more than just clear vision,  they provide opportunity.

If you take just a second to look at the 17 SDGs in the infographic, you’ll realize meeting those goals is more practical if the community’s these goals are geared to help had basic vision care. The ability to see clearly is simply a necessity to live and work safely and productively. It’s just that simple, and it is something we – in the developed world – tend to take for granted. At Global Vision we count our lucky stars and do our best to get others the vision care they need to count theirs. That is why we partner with organizations around the globe that are also geared to meeting the SDGs so important to providing people and their communities the opportunities to truly prosper – sustainably.

So today, we highlight our partnership with Kenya Connect http://www.kenyaconnect.org. With a mission to “engage and empower students and teachers in rural Kenya to succeed in the 21st Century,” they are an established organization that is a perfect fit to add Global Vision’s USee Vision Kit to their mix. And as seen in their newsletter: https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/computer-literacy-for-kenyan-schoolchildren/reports/?subid=108847 they’ve done it successfully. Our next collaboration with them is scheduled for October, and as we grow and our efficiencies allow for it, the Global Vision footprint – if you will – will become very local, and very sustainable.

So, here’s to partnerships! Like the ones we have with Lifetime International Wells, Poverty Stoplight, Overlandi, and so many others we are currently cultivating.

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