Awareness Is Key

Awareness Is Key

Awareness is key. Of anything really. Whether it be an outbreak of measles or the logistics of picking your children up after sports practice. Knowing what is going on, in your world and in the larger world around you is vitally important.  One thing we are all aware...

Mozambique June 10, 2017

JUNE 10, 2017 Today was Catherine’s and Will’s last full day of outreach. The lessons they have learned, the people they have helped, the contacts they have made are all huge leaps forward in implementing a scalable, sustainable program of vision delivery....

Mozambique June 9, 2017

JUNE 9, 2017 Things are wrapping up in Mozambique. Will and Catherine have one more afternoon to enjoy the experience of delivering clearer vision! Yesterday was a new school, and today they finish-up back at the High School of Mozambique Hero’s (more on that later!)....

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