Last year, we went to Namibia as a family – for an inaugural “Overlanding” Global Vision 2020 trip to dispense eyeglasses with a group of intrepid adventurers who wanted to add vision care to the basic health care program they were offering in far reaches of the country.

Because Oliver (our youngest) had such a great time with the vision clinics last year, when asked to join his youth group on a mission trip to Peru, and help run vision clinics as well, it was a no brainer – he was in.

As many of you know, some of what we do at GV2020 is through faith-based operations – our Vision Kits are easily adaptable, affordable, and very portable, so it makes sense to add them to outreaches. When Kevin began GV2020 as a side gig in 2009, his most ardent and immediate supporters came from Christ Church Easton, MD. And on several of their summer mission trips, they’ve added GV2020 Vision Kits to outreaches.

In the years since, it’s exciting to think about how we are now able to meet the needs of our smaller, repetitive faith-based operations as well as the large international faith-based organizations with global reach.

But today, I’ll focus on Oliver and his friends heading to a rural area in Peru to help with many things – to include vision. The trip will take them from DC to Florida, to Lima, to a small airport in the Iquitos area, and then an 8 hour trip down river. It’s a journey. One they are all excited about, and one that will provide much needed help in the way of vision care.

A need that was just highlighted by National Geographic through the work of Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Stephanie Sinclair.

Photograph by National Geographic Photographer and Pulitzer Prize Winner Stephanie Sinclair

Here’s to all the people that go out in this world to serve humanity – to help others in remote areas of the globe without access to basic care, to do good work. To spread joy – and especially, Oliver, Emma, and Luke!


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