Clear Sight Matters

With clear vision comes the ability to learn, read, drive safely, and lead a productive and prosperous life.

At Global Vision 2020 we offer a sustainable model to deliver clear site to people living in areas without access to basic vision care.



This unique screening tool enables the delivery of corrective eyeglasses. Clear sight is the gateway to safety, education, prosperity, and self sufficiency. The USee provides the opportunity to serve 2.5 billion people who lack access to optometrists. It enables virtually any trained refractionist to perform a visual acuity test and deliver prescriptive eyeglasses.

The USee is a vision diagnostic tool shaped like a pair of glasses, but instead of a single lens in a frame, the device holds a patented lens bar (pictured above) that the customer dials through until they see clearly.

The coding system along the lens bar matches an appropriate lens for each prescription. The refractionist uses this reading to fit the lens into a set of durable, stylish frames.

Once the customer is tested and fitted with a set of eyeglasses, they will see clearly. And clear sight matters to their quality of life.

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