Get Out and Give Back


The past few years have taught us all that our world is much more connected than we acknowledge. As children go back to school all around the globe, some are dealing with other hurdles on top of the current state of the pandemic. Help us fuel the journey as 4×4 Outfar sets out to take care of our Southern African community members who need it most. Support the work of 4×4 Outfar on their mission to bring clear vision to remote villages in the Southern African outback.


In remote regions of Southern Africa 1 in 8 children need correction lenses to help them be proficient in school as well as complete their daily chores in their community. With the cost of vision correction being as low as $4.50 per child your donation this holiday season is changing lives long after the in-laws are gone. 4×4 Outfar is dedicated to bringing this solution to the current needs of the community; vision testing, correction and a training program which creates a lasting impact in remote regions by fully training local project leaders to continue this important work for years to come.


Remote regions like Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia are home to some of the most incredible wilderness, wildlife and cultures in Africa, let alone the dangers these community children have walking to school and back. Your support will make it possible for 4×4 Outfar to continue their work of providing life changing vision care and eye glasses to children in need.

Your donation will support the mission, equipment and supplies needed to get to these out of reach regions to provide eyeglasses to children in need. The incredible work of the 4×4 Outfar team would not be possible without the love and kindness of our community. We can’t thank you enough for your help in supporting this selfless program.

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